How to report a missing package

Holidays are around the corner. And with a pandemic raging around the US, it’s likely you’ll be doing at least some of your shopping online. If you’re worried about cards and packages being lost in the mail, don’t be — tracking your mail and reporting items missing is easy and can be done entirely online.

Before you report a package missing, you’ll want to make sure you’ve used the carrier’s online tracking service to check its location — it’s possible your item is still on its way. (For this reason, it’s a good idea to use tracking on any important mail.) But if it’s been quite a while since your package was supposed to arrive and you still don’t have it, follow the steps below.

Report a missing package to USPS
First, check if your package has a tracking number. You should be able to find it on your post office receipt, shipping confirmation email, or the bottom peel-off portion of your tracking label. Enter that number on the USPS tracking website to see where your package is.
If that doesn’t help, complete an online help request form using your package’s tracking number. The USPS will forward this to your local post office.
If you haven’t received your package seven business days after submitting your help request form, open a missing mail search. You’ll need the sender’s and recipient’s mailing addresses, the size and type of the shipping container, a description of the contents, a tracking number or other identifying information from your mailing receipt, and any pictures that could help identify your item. USPS will forward this to your local post office.

Report a missing package to FedEx
First, enter your FedEx tracking ID on FedEx’s website to see where your package is.
If that doesn’t help, file a claim on FedEx’s website. You’ll need your tracking number, as well as any photos or other documentation that can help identify your package.

Report a missing package to UPS
First, enter your UPS tracking ID on UPS’s website.
If that doesn’t help, email UPS about your lost package or contact customer service.
If your package has not been delivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time, file a claim on UPS’s website.